a ray of sunshine. a caring soul. a life adventurer.

When asked to describe a successful life, the first thing that comes to mind is confetti. I would find myself, old and on my deathbed, smiling and beaming if I knew I had been the human version of confetti in peoples lives.

Excitably let loose on the world, while easing in to peoples lives like floating squares of coloured paper swaying back to earth. Encouraging joy in the present moment, while also being a beacon for memorable experiences past.

I love people. In all my careers I have been the supporter, the builder-upper, the cheerleader.  I have worked with families at their worst, I have seen individuals achieving their best. In this moment in time, my joy is found capturing lovers celebrating love.

(Images of me by Dave Dixon)

the story. the connection. the celebration.

The best thing about weddings is that they are all unique. It is a time to bring together family and friends in celebration of love. They shine with the personalities of the two soulmates whose day it is.

I love being there to capture the nervous pacing before a ceremony, the tears of joy in a mothers eyes, the laughter of a bride, the warmth of a hug from a grandparent, the interlocked hands, and the expressions of love that cross the faces of a couple on their most important day.

The images captured on your day need to be timeless and beautifully reflect the day as it is.